VISION •A world without poverty
MISSION •To improve access to financial services through the development of microfinance
VALUES •Excellence, ethics and brotherhood

The PlaNet Finance Group emerged from the belief that microfinance, alongside the three development mainstays of democracy, education and infrastructure, is a key factor in creating effective and sustainable anti-poverty strategies. With the support of our partners, the Group’s ambition is to create a fairer world by giving those who are financially excluded access to the means by which they can create their own businesses, save and take out insurance against the unpredictable events of daily life.

Jacques Attali


Since it was first established in 1998, the PlaNet Finance Group has developed a range of activities that are vital to the development of microfinance across the world.
Through socially responsible finance dedicated to serving its clients’ needs the Group has contributed to the emergence of a positive economy, creating value for all involved.

Arnaud Ventura

Vice President